Large Medal List and Locations

Large Medal List & Locations

Large Medal A

  • Obtain From Enemy: Crazy Buff Shampuru (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Zeca Ruins No.1
  • Awarded Disc: Disc Card B

Large Medal B

  • Obtain From Enemy: Achilles (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Gravidaze Ruins
  • Awarded Disc: Disc Card D

Large Medal C

  • Obtain From Enemy: Forest Whale
  • Location: Marubaco Forest – Chapter 3 Event
  • Awarded Disc: DC-ROM

Large Medal D

  • Obtain From Enemy: Pollux (Add Enemies)
  • Location: MS Mountain
  • Awarded Disc: Gold Disc

Large Medal E

  • Obtain From Enemy: Grendel (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Gunbreak Underground Cavern
  • Awarded Disc: Mega ROM

Large Medal F

  • Obtain From Quest: I’m Looking for My Friend, Nya (Rank E)
  • Location: Halo Mountain | Kill Kupokitty x 5
  • Awarded Disc: Media Card

Large Medal G

  • Obtain From Enemy: Fake White Heart
  • Location: Stella Plains – Chapter 4 Event
  • Awarded Disc: NO disk

Large Medal H

  • Obtain From Enemy: Killachine Mk-2
  • Location: Avenir Storage No.4 – Chapter 4 Event
  • Awarded Disc: USB Memory

Large Medal I

  • Obtain From Enemy: Belgarion (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Gunbreak Underground Cavern
  • Awarded Disc: 108 M ROM

Large Medal J

  • Obtain From Enemy: Big Pirachu (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Marubaco Forest
  • Awarded Disc: Self Disc

Large Medal K

  • Obtain From Enemy: Wild Pirachu (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Avenir Storage No.4
  • Awarded Disc: VDD-ROM

Large Medal L

  • Obtain From Quest: Rare Guitar Controller (Rank S)
  • Location: Halo Mountain | Kill Judge’s Disciple for Guitar controller
  • Awarded Disc: SE Card

Large Medal M

  • Obtain From Enemy: Arfoire
  • Location: Halo Mountain – Chapter 3 Event
  • Awarded Disc: Flash Mem

Large Medal N

  • Obtain From Enemy: Peacock (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Naasne Volcano
  • Awarded Disc: 108 G ROM

Large Medal O

  • Obtain From Enemy: Viral Mareshimono (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Fantasy Zone
  • Awarded Disc: 2 Layer VDD

Large Medal P

  • Obtain From Enemy: Mekidrygar (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Lowee Snowfield
  • Awarded Disc: Mem Stick

Large Medal Q

  • Obtain From Quest: That Badge (Rank B)
  • Location: Kinest Range | Kill Thunderbird for Peace Badge
  • Awarded Disc: Ext HDD

Large Medal R

  • Obtain From Quest: New Hair Ornament (Rank E)
  • Location: Millenium Labryinth | Kill Fairyfly x 5
  • Awarded Disc: Blue Disc

Large Medal S

  • Obtain From Enemy: Undisputed God’s Peon (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Soulsac Cave
  • Awarded Disc: Red Disc

Large Medal T

  • Obtain From Enemy: Clione (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Yukawa Ruins
  • Awarded Disc: Tera Disc

Large Medal U

  • Obtain From Enemy: Clione (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Zeca Ruins No.2
  • Awarded Disc: Ext SDD

Large Medal V

  • Obtain From Enemy: Clione (Add Enemies)
  • Location: Millenium Labryinth
  • Awarded Disc: Super USB

Large Medal W

  • Obtain From Quest: Waterproof Robot (Rank A)
  • Location: Millenium Labryinth | Kill Gargoyle x 1
  • Awarded Disc: SD Media

Large Medal X

  • Obtain From Enemy: Fake Purple Heart
  • Location: Neo-Geofront – Chapter 7 Event
  • Awarded Disc: Purple Ray

Large Medal Y

  • Obtain From Treasure Chest: Kinest Range
  • Location: Kinest Range
  • Awarded Disc:

Large Medal Z

  • Obtain From Enemy: Fake Black Heart
  • Location: Factory No. 459 – Chapter 7 Event
  • Awarded Disc:
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